Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Guess who finally got a sewing machine?

2 years after my last post I finally got a sewing machine and made something. Here it is:

 It's a makeup bag that I made from homedec fabric (outside) and quilting cotton (inside). I originally wanted it to be more of a "box" and the tutorial (here) I used actually instructs how to box the corners, but I found that it would have been too small if I cut out the corners like I was supposed to. The tutorial uses a 12" zipper, while I used a 9" zipper and I underestimated the final size a little bit.

I wanted the bag to hold my makeup palettes, which it does! It's just long enough to hold an Urban Decay Naked palette, and is large enough to hold 2 Naked palettes/2 MAC palettes. Even though it doesn't look like I originally wanted: mission accomplished. :) I plan on making a larger bag with a 12" zipper so that I can actually box the corners like I wanted.