Tuesday, 12 November 2013

The beginning.

Growing up, there has always been a sewing room in my house. My mom would make clothes, Halloween costumes or seasonal decorations for our home.

On and off I've had an interest in sewing. Usually I would just pick out the pattern and fabric, then let my mom do all the hard work. The first project I actually remember participating in was two fish-shaped Christmas stockings for my pet cats

I used McCall's 3472 and the fabric was some kind of red/gold cotton with a Christmas pattern. I'm not sure how much my cats appreciated my efforts haha.

Fast forward to Home Ec in junior high. Our sewing projects included handsewing a plush animal (I chose an elephant, he's not looking too hot these days though) and sewing a pair of pyjama pants. Can't say I remember too much about the construction of these, but I have proof that I can operate a sewing machine!


The latest project I've made was a crossbody hobo bag. I loved this style but I couldn't find any in the stores that I really liked so I persuaded my mom to help me make one.

I used Butterick B5799 in view A. I used home dec canvas for the outside and cotton on the inside. I lengthened the strap quite a bit and added a pocket inside for my phone.

I have lots of leftover fabric, so hopefully I'll be able to use that in the future.

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