Saturday, 30 November 2013

Sew U Home Stretch Review

The other day I was lucky enough to find Sew U Home Stretch by Wendy Mullin at Goodwill for only $3.. and it had all 3 patterns included! I swear, this never happens to me.

This book provides an overview of sewing with knits and it includes 3 patterns for your own use. I was lucky enough to have all 3 uncut patterns included with my secondhand book.

The first part of the book goes over the different materials that you need to be able to sew knits, including different machines, needles etc. Most of the book assumes you're using a serger, but it also mentions using a zigzag stitch on normal sewing machines and the use of a coverstitch machine. It also goes over the different types of stretch fabrics and their properties.

The book is really great for beginners because explains everything so thoroughly. There's instructions on how to measure yourself, how to lay out pattern pieces, how to cut your fabric, explanations of different sewing terms/supplies and it has lots of handy diagrams for during the sewing process.

My favourite part is probably the modifications for the included patterns. As I said before, there's three patterns: a crewneck t-shirt, a raglan shirt/hoodie and a skirt/dress.

At the beginning of each pattern's section, the book shows all the variations it provides instructions for. Most of the modifications just include changing the neckline/hemline, but the book provides great instructions and diagrams for how to alter the pattern pieces. I personally can't wait to make some boatneck shirts.

The raglan pattern allows you to make a few different items, including a baseball tshirt and a hoodie.

The dress pattern mods look cute too.

Overall,  I think this a great book to get started on sewing knits. It provides lots of explanations and I'm a big fan of the visual instructions. I can't wait start sewing some basics!

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  1. Lucky you! Once I found an old Singer sewing book from the 80's(?) at Value Village for $2, but that it. So awesome that the patterns were uncut!